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1911 SW Campuss Dr Suite 608 Federal Way WA .

Canadian Office

777 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 1400 Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K4

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296, AECS Layout Mn rd Kundalahalli Bengaluru, KA 560037 -INDIA

Mining Resources

Our Company’s International Headquarters is based in Vancouver, Canada. We are also located in the United States and other out post branches spread across the world – Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Asia, Middle East and Western Europe.

Mining Resources

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InfoSight Global Resources Inc

We are Channels to credible owners of Precious Metal/Stones

We are strategically positioned to carry out due diligence on prospective title owners of gem stones and to bring together high network buyers with these proven sellers to transact. We liaise with governments and private organizations to provide best mediatory and consultancy services to our valued customers all over the world and support them to actualize their every legitimate business dream.

Gold Ore

Gold ore mining remains a lucrative with the potential for high profits.


Tantalite mining can provide economic opportunities for local communities


Coal mining companies are exploring ways to reduce their carbon footprint


Cassiterite is a mineral composed of tin oxide, and it is the primary ore of tin.


Steel produce, Battery manufacturing bank on Manganese mining


Tourmaline mining is open-pit mining, easy to extract the mineral


Amethyst a type of quartz gets its distinct purple from iron


Sappires are known mostly to have this stunning blue color


Diamonds are one of the most coveted gemstones in the world


Rubies are known for their vibrant red color, most valuable gemstones

infosight golbal

Head Quaters

The International Headquarters of Infosight Global Resources Inc is based in the United States of America, and we are also located in Canada. We have branches all over the world.

Infosight Golbal

FAQ - Metal Exports

To get information about your exact requirement please fill-in the Contact Form . You will receive call / information from us.

Yes you can. But It requires refining before transportation.
So we offer as semi-refined Dore bar of about 90% purity and fully refines bullion of 999.5 and 999.9 purity. So practically it is sold by refinery.

Yes, We always recommend to go for trial spot purchase of minimum quantity and sign for contract for 12 deliveries per year

Yes, We offer floating (dynamic) pricing based on LBME as well fixed (static) pricing.

We accept payment by MT 103 / wire transfer

Yes, Of course. You will get a Performance Guarantee upto 2% of SBLC value depending on the SBLC providing Bank.

On CIF Transactions we pay all Taxes at Origin, Freight upto Delivery Port and Insurance, whereas buyer pays Import duty and Taxes if any at Buyer’s country.

We deal with precious metals including Gold, Silver

Yes Definitely Possible. But the deal may not be as attractive as yearly contract.

Yes we deliver CIF anywhere in the Globe

Yes. You can make payment after assay at approved refinery. We despatch against MT 799 for spot and SBLC (MT 760) for Contract

Yes you can do so after activation of MT 799 / SBLC

Still we have way out for you. Our group concern can assist you processing the deal at a nominal charge of max 1.5% per tranche (yearly billed)

For CIF we recommend 50 Kgs for first lift and 100 Kgs /month X 12 Deliveries

We allow buyer’s stone expert to visit with Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) or Proof of Funds (PoF) and inspect the stones at our vault. Right there we negotiate and fix the price, Receive payment by MT 103. Upon full payment ownership title is transferred, Packed and handed over to top security services in presence of  Buyer’s representative for transhipment to Buyer’s place