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Emergency Management

UgoRound is the first Universal and Global Geo Alerting solution for all levels of mass communication, emergency management, crisis communication, disaster preparedness, business continuity and community resilience.

tornado alert

The UgoRound system is designed for sending alerts and notifications for not just life threatening situations, but life benefiting applications. UgoRound Alerts such as Warnings or helpful Notifications can be disseminated well in advance of potential or impending disasters. Alerts can be sent direct to “First to Know” groups and/or triggered based on an anonymous citizen’s location as defined by a Geofence. A geo alert platform allows authorities to manage events in specific regions or even small areas (e.g. a city block). The platform can be deployed across multiple jurisdictions and/or verticals.

UgoRound will provide several advantages and compliment current methods. UgoRound is global and universal geo alert system. It allows that anyone with the mobile app can receive a geo alert based on their proximity to an active geofence with the associated UgoRound Alert. There is no possibility or requirement for the user to sign up. The user remains anonymous both to the provider (UgoRound Platform) and the Authoritative Organizations using the platform. This then allows the system to be implemented for all types of Alerting use cases. Users can also join any “public” First to Know Group anywhere in the world. This will ensure the user is receiving alerts relevant to the Group they are interested in.

Customers include:

• National Disaster and Emergency Management Agencies
• Local Government: Cities, Counties, States and Territories
• Public Service Agencies: Schools, Universities, Law Enforcement and

Emergency Services:

• Hotels and areas that are Tourist Hot Spots
• Businesses: Oil and Gas, Mines and other businesses