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Bony Light Crude Oil & Gas

We are focused on out-sourcing quality and credible high net-worth crude oil traders and engaging with them in a safe and dependable relationship on the sale and purchase of Nigeria’s Bony Light Crude Oil (NBLCO), lifting a desired volume from OPEC NNPC/Joint Venture Operators’ Bulk Allocation, then farming it out to service the specific needs of identified buyers.

In the midstream and downstream marketing operations, we have served as Brokers and Facilitators to senior industry colleagues like SEVEN SISTERS MARINE AND ENGINEERING SERVICES CO. LTD, and AIJIA GENERAL TRADING, et al. Since 2008, we have had marginal independent trade successes as measured by industry standards, having delivered products to customers from distant countries like Trinidad and Tobago – on a CIF basis.

Our long term vision is to:

  • Remain a first rate solution provider to corporate clients and industry operators;

  • Be and remain customers’ first choice in the marketing of Nigeria’s sweet light crude oil;

  • Upgrade our capacity to a full-on OPEC allottee; and

  • Seek cooperation with multi-national companies, and create prosperous relationships with technical and financial partners to bid for OPL/OML licenses in the very near future.

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