About Us

INFOSIGHT GLOBAL RESOURCES was conceived in year 1994 in Seattle Washington USA and operated as a single family enterprise. Over time, the Pioneer Founder – Mr Henry Paul expanded his vision and business operations beyond the shores of the United States of America and quickly gather together high networth Eagles of Industries which gave birth to the incorporation of Infosight Global Resources Inc in Vancouver, Canada on September of 2018 and later in June of 2019 in the State of Washington, USA.

The Company is governed by a Board of 8 Executive International Directors who are each experts in various fields of specialization and Captains of High Tech Industries, Real Estate Businesses, Solid Mineral and Gem Stone Businesses, Oil & Gas Industry Operators and Aviation Industry Operators. These have long come together with their galaxy of expertise and competencies, synergizing their resources for wider outreach and better, qualitative service delivery under one corporate umbrella – Infosight Global Resources, Inc. We have recently added to our ever expanding interest, a working partnership with worldwide ADN, International French NGO which plays an important role in our company

We are therefore a multi-faceted interest-driven corporation and consultancy services provider.


emergency management

UgoRound is the first Universal and Global Geo Alerting solution for all levels of mass communication, emergency management, crisis communication, disaster preparedness, business continuity and community resilience.

The UgoRound system is designed for sending alerts and notifications for not just life threatening situations, but life benefiting applications. UgoRound Alerts such as Warnings or helpful Notifications can be disseminated well in advance of potential or impending disasters. Alerts can be sent direct to “First to Know” groups and/or triggered based on an anonymous citizen’s location as defined by a Geofence. A geo alert platform allows authorities to manage events in specific regions or even small areas (e.g. a city block). The platform can be deployed across multiple jurisdictions and/or verticals.



In cooperation with Mitsubishi Japan, we have special interest in the provision of alternative energy, such as the manufacture and installation of solar panels for domestic, industrial and commercial clients. We syndicate investors’ interest to invest in any ongoing real estate establishment and to partner with real estate operators to bring to fruition their fertile ideas and dreams in the development and construction of real estate related businesses.



In the Oil and Gas Sector, our interest spans deep into upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Currently, we are marketers of Nigeria’s Bonny Light Sweet Crude, popularly known as BLCO through our sister company- Akams International Network Limited. We are seeking only proven high net worth buyers who are sufficiently equipped with the necessary capacity and deep industry knowledge to sustain growth. Also, with our dependable access to refined petroleum products, including AGO and Aviation Jet fuel (JP 54), we are well positioned to broker sales between interested governments.



We have worked hard to establish worldwide reputable networks in the sourcing of genuine owners/explorers of solid minerals such as gold, diamond and other precious stones, and we are strategically positioned to provide network services with these providers to high net worth and credible buyers. We continue to liaise with governments and private organizations to provide the best services to our valued customers to reach their desired goals.


UgoRound is the first Universal and Global Geo Alerting solution for all levels of mass communication, emergency management, crisis communication, disaster preparedness, business continuity and community resilience.

We take oil and gas and other commodity trading activities to the highest level with integrity as our watchword.

We link and connect buyers and sellers internationally for long-term relationships.

We have dependable connections to legal owners and dealers in Gold, Tantalite, Coal Tar, Cassiterite, Manganese, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Sapphire and Diamonds.

The International Headquarters of Infosight Global Resources Inc is based in the United States of America, and we are also located in Canada. We have branches all over the world.